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Anne's Bead Bowls!

The First Bowl

I love this bowl. (I have included two views of the same bowl.) I had been wanting to make a free standing bead vessel for some time, so when a friend asked me to make something like a bead basket, I knew just how to start my experiments. This bowl is made with size 6 seed beads, a mix of earthy colors with an accent stripe of bronze. The top is a three bead picot edging, I am not sure of the size of those beads, about 10 I think. The fringe includes other glass and bone beads. I started with flat circular brick stitch, then started decreasing as it grew to form the sides. I took careful notes, so when I went to make another bowl, I was able to keep the proportions the same, even tho the second bowl is larger. (I wasn't able to get pictures of the second bowl, sorry!)