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CheckerBeads Beaded Dolls!


This doll was meant to be made. When I recieved the pattern for the Freedom Doll by Sherry Goshon, I planned on making an all-beaded doll. I didn't have the iron-on interfacing tho, so I couldn't start right away. I decided to sew a "test" doll, to make sure I understood the pattern. I grabbed some scrap fabric and cut and sewed a doll. I was planning on throwing it away when I finished, but I ended up LOVING the doll I had created!
The pattern on the fabric was perfect for MY "freedom" doll. Since I have Lupus, I am only free to go outdoors at night. My trips out during the daylight hours consist of racing madly from the dark van to the door- I get sick really fast from sunlight. So nighttime is my "freedom" time. I didn't want to cover the material, so I just embellished. I used hematite stars and a moon charm to go along with the nightime theme.

I used a Paua shell cabachon for her face- I just love the colors in this cab! I had no idea what I was going to use it for when I purchased it, but I think it goes perfectly with the fabric on this doll. I glued the cab unto Lacy's Stiff Stuff, then beaded around it and added fringe for hair.

Freedom has a silver ring on her back for hanging, and I finished the back of her head with black leather.

If you are interested in purchasing your own beaded doll, check my Dolls sale page!