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CheckerBeads Beaded Dolls!


Gwendolyn is a fabulous lady. She is the first of my dolls to feature a beaded boa! Her boa is almost 12 inches long, and you can drape it any way you would like over her arms and body.

She stands almost ten inches tall, including her stand, and her arms reach about eight inches wide when they are outstretched. Gwendolyn also features POSABLE arms.
Her face is a fabulous 40 x 30 mm Tigereye cab, framed by the sparkle of the glass beads.

Gwendoyln is completely sewn, stuffed and beaded by hand. I made her with the Freedom Doll Pattern by Sherry Goshon.

The back of Gwendolyn's head is covered with matching brown suede.
Gwendolyn's wooden stand is painted black and beaded with matching beads.

If you are interested in purchasing your own beaded doll, check my sale page!