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CheckerBeads Beaded Dolls!


Madalyn is all about texture. You have to look closely to see the wonderful matte crystal seed beads studding her chest- or, even better, feel them! The smooth beads are wonderful nestled in the nubby texture of this fabric.

She stands about ten inches tall, including her stand, and her arms reach about seven inches wide when they are outstretched. She features POSABLE arms, with wondereful strands of beads connecting her wrists. You can play with the strands, draping them in different ways until you find the look you are after.
Her face is a wonderful mirror, framed by the sparkle of the glass beads.

Madalyn is completely sewn, stuffed and beaded by hand. I made her with the Freedom Doll Pattern by Sherry Goshon.

The back of her head is covered with white leather.
Madalyn's wooden stand is painted white and beaded with matching beads.

If you are interested in purchasing your own beaded doll, check my sale page!