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Pattern and Project Linx

Free Projects, Instructions, and Patterns

My Projects and Patterns!
CheckerBeads Freebies!
Beadwork at site
The name might have changed, but the site is the same!
great projects, gallery, linx, bulletin board, chat
Aunt Molly's Bead Street
great projects, patterns, gallery, linx

Jelly Beads
My only guest designer, PJ has more great tutorials on her site!

Donna's Dreams
cool projects! and galleries! plus kits are available!
Suzanne Cooper's site
instructions, bulletin board, gallery, linx
Beltana's Beads
Instructions and Projects
Instructions and Projects
Bead & Button Magazine
Maria's page
gallery, projects
bimonthly webzine
The Old Hippy's Page
hemp instructions and beadwork too
Handcrafted by Elaine
great macrame instructions!
Sign up for updates- she keeps adding great instructions!
Howling Rabbit
Lots of great projects!