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Beading Home Pages

Kelly Kreations
Fabulous beadwork, and also great beads for sale!
AK's Beadwork
lovely beadwork!
Dark Hare Beadwork
Simply Fabulous. Check out the collars!
Cindi's Home Page
free patterns, gallery, links... and I helped to make it! :)
Beading Heart Designs
free patterns, gallery
Shelby's Bead World
No Easy Beads
Marylyn's Beadworks
gallery, free patterns, linx
Singing Wolf's World
gallery and linx
Faye's Home Page
AB Art Glass and Bead Work
free patterns, gallery, sales
Double 0 Bead Swap
Raven & Lynn's - Find a beader!!
Ms. Carol's Page
Linn's Page
Heavenly Light
Beadwork Gallery
Katie Bug's Home Page
Katie Bug's beadwork galleries and links