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Beading Basics Links

What you need to know to get started!

Beltanna's Beads- Beading Materials
This is a great site to learn about needles, threads, tools and findings.
Excellent site to start learning.

Bead Comparisons by Manufacturer and Sizes
Mare made this fabulous page to clarify bead sizes, and compare the manufacturers.
Excellent site to learn all about beads.

Beadwrangler Inside Beads
This page is a great place to learn about bead finishes.
They also plan to add the history of beadwork.

Beadwrangler Inside Thread
This page is a place to learn about different types of thread.
Includes a discussion of what size thread to use with each size bead.

Weights & Measures
This page includes the number of beads per gram, number of grams per tube, and other useful measures.